LED lightbulbs, fluorescent and incandescent what are they and which do I is need?

It is important to notice that we need a lightbulb before buying it. The most suitable one for us will vary from a model to another depending on our priority: saving, lighting, power, aesthetics, etc.

In this article we will discuss the existing variety of bulbs, the differences between them and their uses. There are three main categories: LEDS, fluorescent and incandescent.

1. LED Bulbs

a. For SPOT

These bulbs are the most commonly used in residential lighting since their compact design makes them easy to install


b. Decorative

These bulb visually complement a lamp already installed. Its function is purely decorative, and they only serve as support to the main light source.

Decorative LED Bulbs

c. Heavy duty for outside/inside

These bulbs are used mainly in the industry due to its superior resistance compared to the common or decorative bulbs. They are generally used for exterior.

Heavy duty for outside/inside

d. Linear LED

Its main function is to replace fluorescent lamps. They are often used in groups of two or more light bulbs together. Usually used in offices, kitchens, or places where good lighting is required.

2. Fluorescent

It is the first generation of bulbs that emerged with the intention of saving energy and was gradually supplementing halogen lamps.


These lightbulbs are the most common in residential lighting since they are highly suitable in terms of price and savings, they are slightly larger than the LED-type spot bulbs.

b. Energy saving

It is the most common choice of customers for the main fixture of a specific field. They have different presentations: spot, linear, spiral, with protection, etc.


3. Incandescent type light bulbs

It is the most common source for lighting, but it has the disadvantage of consuming more energy compared to the two previous options (LED and fluorescent) still it´s the option that provides better lighting in open areas such as closed.

a. Additive and sodium vapor

This kind of lamp is mainly for outdoor use in large and industrial areas.

As you can see, each bulb responds to a different need: the most economic are the incandescent but those of longer duration are LEDs.


We hope this article has been useful. If you are interested to learn more about various subjects of lighting, we invite you to read other articles from our blog.




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