How to save and care for your economy with bulbs


Energy saving in lighting systems is an important issue that affects us all and on which there is still much ignorance, which prevents people make the right decisions for a better savings and a greener management of electricity in their home, office, etc.

In this article we´ll share information about cheaper sources, advantages and in which cases are suitable.

Which type of bulb is the most economical

  • Halogen lightbulb is the most known, oldest and common technology
  • While it is more economical in terms of its selling price, it is also true that it spends much more electricity than other types. As a result, this technology is already going obsolete and it´s being replaced by other more ecological and saving technologies

  • The most economic bulb nowadays is the energy saving lightbulb
  • Since it spends less electricity and it is very competitively priced compared with other options. Its advantages are not being so expensive and spend very little electricity, which is cheaper, in the long run, than all the available options.

    If you are worried about the quality and light intensity, there are already very economical LED bulbs compared to the normal prices of this same kind of lamp. They are the balance between lighting quality and monetary savings.

    Why do you recommend these options?

    The halogen/incandescent bulb is economical due to its low price as its manufacturing cost is very low and its mass production. It is the choice when you have a very low budget to invest in lighting issues.  

    However, we recommend you to wait until you have a little more budget available to purchase LED bulbs or energy saving lightbulbs.

    Is there a danger with its use?

    If a saving bulb breaks, you should be careful since it emits a gas that it has inside and it may be harmful if inhaled.

    Out of this, there is no danger for the inhabitants of the space in which they are installed.

    Price ranges of the options we recommend

    • Halogen/incandescent: approximately 6 pesos
    • Energy saving: the cheapest is approximately 20 Pesos
    • Economic Led: its average price is 78 pesos

    Average lifespan of these options

    • Halogen/incandescent: No more than 2,000 hours
    • Energy saving: maximum length of 10,000 to 15,000 hours
    • Led: up to 50,000 hours

    It is important to adapt to changing and advancing technology now that is constantly improving in order to provide us with better lighting and the possibility of a lower energy expenditure.

    We hope this article has been useful. If you are interested to learn more about various subjects of lighting, we invite you to read other articles from our blog.

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