Knowing the parts of a light illumination system


The lighting system to choose is an element of paramount importance since we are daily exposed to the results of our good or bad choice to select components.

That's why in this article we share the different parts that make up a lighting system and its importance.

The component parts of a lighting system and its importance

1. Switch

It´s a device used to interrupt the course of the current and therefore, turn on or off the bulb. There are different types of switches, the most common type is the 3-way switch, which allows you to control the same bulb with one or more switches.

2. Cable

The function of the wiring in a lighting system is the conducting of power. There are two types of cable: Copper and aluminum.  

The cable we recommend is the copper cable for its good conductivity, but if you are looking for something economical aluminum is your best option.

3. Lamp holder

Its function is to be a connector that fits the cable with the light bulb. There are two types of light holders: porcelain and plastic.  

The porcelain lamp holder is typically more used, for is more resistant to high and low voltage. It is also the cheapest, so we recommend it over the plastic one.

4. Lightbulb

And last but not least: the lightbulb, the main part of the lighting system.  

It is the light bulb which is connected with the lamp holder and there is a wide variety for any taste, need and budget: Halogen, LED, energy saving, in different sizes, colors, voltages and shapes.

We hope this article has been useful. If you are interested to learn more about various subjects of lighting, we invite you to read other articles from our blog.


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Knowing the parts of a light illumination system