How to choose a suitable lighting system according to its location


Many times, it is unclear what we observe and take into account when choosing the lighting system for a particular area. In this article we will share our advice about what you must observe as the case may be.

To properly choose your lighting system according to the area where you are to install it, we should give priority to the following factors.

What you should take into account

  • Home decorative lighting: In these areas, aesthetic sense and not the light output prevails. So look for luminaires that emit a friendly light with view and not to generate too much heat.

  • Lighting of working areas: In such areas the most important is the aspect of visual comfort, so the most important is the luminous efficiency and aesthetics.
  • Lighting in outdoor areas: Giving priority to the aspect of safety in addition to the light output, since the outdoors require more powerful spotlights.

The different colors of light bulbs

The different available shades of light are:

- Warm light: Yellowish tones up the 3000 ° k.

- Neutral light: Hue used most commonly for work areas, not too bright or warm.

- Cold light: Similar to the solar light white shades.

We hope that this article has been useful. If you are interested to learn more about various subjects of lighting. We invite you to read other articles from our blog.

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